Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre Construction Meeting

We have our Pre Construction Meeting scheduled for next Thursday with construction scheduled to start the week of June 10th!

Can I get feedback from you guys on great questions to ask or things to follow up on during this meeting?

Can't wait to get this thing started.


  1. I actually just posted a listing of questions that I plan on bringing with me (pretty much absolutely anything I could think of, or I saw that other people asked about).

    It's probably TOO much, but feel free to take a look.

  2. Almost everything you think you want to ask is answered by your PM (if they are any good). But make sure you double check your upgrades and color choices since quite a few things were left off of ours.
    This is the link to my blog about our meeting. If you want to make any changes(except structural) now is the time to ask. Make sure you ask any questions you feel they don't talk about, but I would wait until the end of the meeting since they covered 98% of the questions I was going to ask. Good luck and have fun, this lets you start really dreaming about your new home.

  3. When we worked with Greg he had a well thought out plan and goes over everything needed to build your home according to your specifications. You may want to take along your paperwork and any change orders to be sure they match his paperwork. The only mistakes we found were from the sales representative not including in our change orders. The most important thing is to be absolutely CLEAR about your options/upgrades/non standard requests. This is where it can get sticky!! If your meeting is in the morning--be sure to EAT a good breakfast.

    Congratulations on getting started! I saw them create the beginning pathway and I noticed LOT #13 has it rocks and gravel ready too. Once your LOT, LOT 13 and LOT 41 are built that completes our street. YAY!! It won't complete our side of the Chapel; however, we will be near completion before you know it.


  4. Your PM (if he/she is any good) should answer all your questions before you think to ask them. But the one thing I would advise is to have an agreed-on method of communication. Do you live nearby, and can keep an eye on things yourself? Then maybe you only need to check in occasionally, and email is ok. But if you live further away, or simply want to be in touch more often, you should find out if he wants you to call or text him, and how often you should expect to communicate. Our PM is great, and I suppose we should be happy because everything seems to be going so smoothly, but he is really hard to get a hold of. It can be a little frustrating.

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