Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eve before the walk through

+Sheldon Smith +RickNadase Proctor - Would love to hear from you guys since we had the same project manager in the same community, but would welcome input from anybody!

So, we have our home walk through tomorrow (Settlement next week on Wednesday!) and have been locked out of the house. However, we have been stopping by and peeking in on things. My concern is that, without even going into the house I have a list of items to be corrected. A lot of these things are little, but to me concerning about what else I will find and see when I walk through tomorrow. Here are the things that bother me already (and I will bring up tomorrow):

1. Black door needs to be touched up around the door handle (Can clearly see white around the knob, very obvious)
2. Black door has a white window and there are drops of black paint on the white frame.
3. Black metal light post in front yard is knicked up with scratches down to metal.
4. Landscaping beds have a lot of little pieces of trash in them (Cigarette butts, construction trash, etc)
5. Door frame around front door has obvious brush strokes, to the point where I can see white through the paint and also drops of paint

So this is my list without even stepping into the house. Did others have similar experiences with the walkthrough? How many issues did you find? Were they resolved easily and quickly?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


      First off... +Sheldon Smith +RickNadase Proctor do either one of you guys have knowledge on getting HOA approval on a fence? I have an estimate for a fence, that is the same style as others in the community, I just need to know where to get started on the HOA approval.

       And now...onto the house! We are about 3 weeks away from completion. The inside of the house has painted walls, cabinets, counters, working electricity and AC. It is still missing the hardwood floor and the carpet. Short of the remaining flooring, the house just needs touch up paint and a lot of cleaning. The outside of the house needs gutters, shutters, driveway, sidewalks and all of the landscaping.

     I am going to try and find time to stop by tomorrow to get some good pictures of the inside to post. In the meantime, here is a recent outside shot!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guardian Meeting and Helpful Tip

         Just to update everyone on things....we are flying along. The electricians completely wired the house yesterday! Plumbing is done. Guardian met with me yesterday afternoon to go over locations for cable, speakers, volume control, keypads, etc. and they will be working on everything today. Our PM said they hope to start drywall next week! They even started working on the Brick front.

I also wanted to share a helpful tip. It's possible that your Electrician is working faster than Guardian. My PM was very helpful in letting me know that if I meet with Guardian after the electrician, that the electrician will have already installed the power outlets for the TV wall mounts based on where we originally told Guardian. This was not good since I knew we wanted to change things a little. I was able to meet with the PM to show him where to put the power for the wall mounts and then showed Guardian the next day. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We have walls


         First off! I won the Ryan Homes Summer Sizzle contest!! So thanks for voting. I have won a Weber Grill (It's a $900 grill so hopefully it last a very long time) and an offset smoker, as well as some meats from Omaha Steaks. I am looking forward to grilling at the home during football on Sundays.

          It's pretty dang awesome to watch your home be built in front of your eyes. Tiffany and I have gotten into a pretty much daily routine to hop in the car after dinner and then stop by the home site. Even Olivia (our almost 3 year old) seems to enjoy the daily trip, she proudly exclaims "mommy and daddy's house" whenever we pull up. At first, it was kind of sad to hear her yell it when we just had a hole in the dirt, but now with walls up I won't hide my pride.

          They have started to frame the house, the first floor is near complete. They have only been working on the frame for two days now. It's amazing how fast they work.

Here are some photo's for your viewing pleasure:

Back Corner of the house

Back of house with morning room

Front Door

Looking into the front door (Hallway with study and dining room on right)
Me checking out steel pole

The garage

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Help Me Win a Grill/Smoker!!

Hey Blog Friends,

I entered a Ryan Homes Facebook Contest. I entered a picture of Cedar Plank Salmon that I grilled, the photo with the most votes by July 15th will win a Grill, Smoker and numerous meats from Omaha Steaks. If you live in the neighborhood, then you definitely want me to win for some good cookouts!

Click on this link, scroll down to the leader board and hopefully see my Cedar Plank Salmon near the top and then vote for it!

It would be great to have a new grill and smoker to go along with the new home! Thanks all!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Progress, progress, progress

So, wow, this is moving fairly quickly. At least at the moment, we'll see how long this pace keeps up. We have some new pictures of the progress that's been made, with the most recent thing being that they've waterproofed the basement walls. We also managed to get a quote for a fence and justin's been having fun emailing it to a ton of vendors to see who can beat it. We actually got to meet a neighbor the last time we went to the site and were interested to find out that our site had sold a few times before we bought it. He said the sold sign kept going up and coming down and going up and coming down and then they finally started digging our hole. Guess that spot was just meant to be ours :)