Friday, August 2, 2013

Guardian Meeting and Helpful Tip

         Just to update everyone on things....we are flying along. The electricians completely wired the house yesterday! Plumbing is done. Guardian met with me yesterday afternoon to go over locations for cable, speakers, volume control, keypads, etc. and they will be working on everything today. Our PM said they hope to start drywall next week! They even started working on the Brick front.

I also wanted to share a helpful tip. It's possible that your Electrician is working faster than Guardian. My PM was very helpful in letting me know that if I meet with Guardian after the electrician, that the electrician will have already installed the power outlets for the TV wall mounts based on where we originally told Guardian. This was not good since I knew we wanted to change things a little. I was able to meet with the PM to show him where to put the power for the wall mounts and then showed Guardian the next day. 


  1. You guys are rocking right along. The brick looks great.

  2. Oh that's great. Glad you could do that! I'm very impressed that your PM was so helpful. It's very different in our community I must say.

  3. Greg, was good about letting us to delay our Guardian meeting until after we were clear about our electrical placements. Your house is coming along nicely. Nice brick color.

  4. Looks great!! We are at about the same place as you! electrical, plumbing and guardian are done. dry wall next week... what is your closing date? Is insulation in yet?

    1. They haven't given us a firm date yet, but they've thrown out September 25th. Since this post we now have insulation and drywall! We also noticed on one of our visits that the drywall team had drywalled over one of our guardian speakers in the kitchen. We pointed it out to our PM and he got a message to the drywall guys to punch a hole in for guardian to access the wiring, when the time comes. He said that does occasionally happen, but as long as the wiring is actually there (and it is) either the team or guardian will just put a hole in to access it. So, good to keep an eye out!