Tuesday, September 3, 2013


      First off... +Sheldon Smith +RickNadase Proctor do either one of you guys have knowledge on getting HOA approval on a fence? I have an estimate for a fence, that is the same style as others in the community, I just need to know where to get started on the HOA approval.

       And now...onto the house! We are about 3 weeks away from completion. The inside of the house has painted walls, cabinets, counters, working electricity and AC. It is still missing the hardwood floor and the carpet. Short of the remaining flooring, the house just needs touch up paint and a lot of cleaning. The outside of the house needs gutters, shutters, driveway, sidewalks and all of the landscaping.

     I am going to try and find time to stop by tomorrow to get some good pictures of the inside to post. In the meantime, here is a recent outside shot!


  1. Many of the contractors who routinely do business in the area should already have such forms, but if not, you can request one from info@fairwoodcommunity.org. If you don't receive one in a suitable amount of time, let me know and I will pick one up for you from the Sycamore Club.

  2. Justin, were you given a blue book by the SR? if so, it has all the forms and guidelines for submittal for a fence, deck, pool etc. Check way in the back of the book for all the forms. If you don't have this book, I recommend highly that you visit the office and pick up your copy! You are entitled to have this book now, not after closing! It has so much valuable information regarding our community. It's like the Fairwood Bible. :-)