Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eve before the walk through

+Sheldon Smith +RickNadase Proctor - Would love to hear from you guys since we had the same project manager in the same community, but would welcome input from anybody!

So, we have our home walk through tomorrow (Settlement next week on Wednesday!) and have been locked out of the house. However, we have been stopping by and peeking in on things. My concern is that, without even going into the house I have a list of items to be corrected. A lot of these things are little, but to me concerning about what else I will find and see when I walk through tomorrow. Here are the things that bother me already (and I will bring up tomorrow):

1. Black door needs to be touched up around the door handle (Can clearly see white around the knob, very obvious)
2. Black door has a white window and there are drops of black paint on the white frame.
3. Black metal light post in front yard is knicked up with scratches down to metal.
4. Landscaping beds have a lot of little pieces of trash in them (Cigarette butts, construction trash, etc)
5. Door frame around front door has obvious brush strokes, to the point where I can see white through the paint and also drops of paint

So this is my list without even stepping into the house. Did others have similar experiences with the walkthrough? How many issues did you find? Were they resolved easily and quickly?


  1. Ours were resolved quickly and any remaining (or new) issues were taken care of after we moved in without any problem. Good luck and enjoy the final step!

  2. I found a bunch of little things. They will fix it all and then if you miss anything you still have a year to find stuff.

  3. As an update, the house did look great on the inside. I believe everything that I saw for touch up was already marked. The things on the outside were already on their list as well.

    Only problem was that the garage door opener was missing, but I assume they won't have a problem installing before settlement.

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  5. You are close now, best of luck!!

  6. Wow, that was fast, we have the Milan over in the other neighborhood and had the same white paint issue showing around the front door knob, we had them redo it on our 30 day but ehhh it might need it again, the front door plate became loose & they had to redo that, also had them re-caulk the back basement door, we could see some light coming through which explained why most of the bugs were getting in...yuk..some tacking down of the carpet in some places and a repaint of the kitchen ceiling, you could see like different looks of paint when the sun hits it, other than that we are still getting settled after 2 months, congrats to you both next week!

  7. Justin, you are in good hands with Greg!


  8. Hi!!! I know this is an old blog but I was hoping to hear an update about the home! My husband and I are building a home fairwood as well. How is the home holding up?