Thursday, February 21, 2013

So it begins...

We just signed a purchase agreement and placed a deposit on a home in the Fairwood community in Bowie, MD. We saw how many people had blogged about their experience and figured it would be a great way to record the progress of the home. We also saw how many bloggers were from our specific community as well and look forward to getting to know them and hear their advice as we go through the process. 

Here is a google map shot of where the home will be built. We chose this home site because of the space we have around us. No homes will be built right across the road from us and our side yard is up against the neighbors backyard and creates a lot of room around the home. 

We meet with the Loan Officer today and hopefully all looks good after today's meeting. Will update again in a week or so to show some of our flooring and cabinet selections.


  1. Welcome to the blog world and Fairwood!

  2. Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land and Fairwood!

    We live on the same street!!

    We are on Lot #28 in the Rome with the front porch!

    Feel free to follow our blog at and join our site.