Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meeting with Guardian

Couldn't help myself....I ended up getting the Klipsch four room AirQast Music streaming system. So we will have a pair of speakers in the ceiling on every floor of the home and a waterproof speaker on the patio. We can stream music from our iphones, ipad or run the TV audio through it. Should be really nice! My wife knew I wouldn't be able to not get them. I am so predictable.

We also decided to get the security system. It's a nice system with Smoke Detector (connected to the monitoring station) that we can arm and disarm from our iPhones. Should save us $5-$8 a month off of our homeowner's insurance and offer some peace of mind.


  1. Great selection, Justin!!

    I believe we have the same package but not sure if it has the AirQuast streaming system. This was one of the longest meeting with the vendors. It was a lot to understand. We ended up having two meetings.

    I just asked for this specific set up and it was installed. We can hook up our iPhone/ipad/ipod to a device in the family room and one in the basement above the wet bar. One overrides the other for personal selections. I need to find out from Ken at guardian. lol

  2. Yeah, we love music and having the speakers seemed like a must have (at least it did to me).

    The AirQast part of the system just allows us to play the music from our iPhone/iPad with out physically having to plug it into anything. I also like that when I watch Football on Sunday's I have can the TV audio play through the speakers so I don't miss anything when I go into the kitchen or outside on the patio (getting a waterproof speaker for out there too!).

    1. Ohh....I see, how cute is that!!

      My DH and I went back and forth about the speaker locations. We have the waterproof speaker for deck entertaining too--this was a must have.

      We placed the others in the kitchen, master bedroom, and basement. He regrets the speakers being in the kitchen and bedroom. So we are getting another pair installed with one speaker in the hallway and one in the loft. Guardian said, this will not be a problem because they can access the wiring through the unused attic; however, the kitchen must remain. I really wanted the plug in to control the music output when I am facilitating a workshop in the basement and my DH can still listen to his music of choice upstairs. I am going to check into this AirQast too.

      BTW-The speaker quality and sound is awesome!!

    2. Why do you regret the speakers in the Kitchen? We are getting a pair in the Kitchen/Family Room. The kitchen and family room are side by side in the milan with the dinette on the far end of the kitchen.

  3. We love being able to remotely arm the security system...especially when you go on those long trips and can't remember whether Iod not you set the alarm. I had the audio system on my list but had to nix it because I was getting close to my self-imposed price ceiling. But we did get the intercom to avoid having to yell at the top of our voices to reach the kids in the basement.