Saturday, March 9, 2013

CTI Meeting

Met with CTI today. We already were set on the hardwood floor (Saddle Stain) and the Cabinets (Maple Spice) as well as the granite counter top (Not sure what it is called, it is black with reddish flecks in it).

So we really just needed to select carpet for the following rooms:
  • Office
  • Dinning Room
  • Family Room
  • Upstairs (Bedrooms and Hallway)
  • Basement
And Vinyl Flooring for:
  • Morning Room
  • Powder Room
  • Upstairs Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
Here are some pictures of our selections...It is crazy to note how the lighting can change the color of things. The hardwood floor and carpet is actually darker than it appears in the picture. The hardwood floor is the same as what they have in the Rome model at Fairwood.

Floor and Carpet selections
Carpet and Vinyl for upstairs and bathrooms

Floor (Kitchen) and Vinyl for Morning Room

+Sheldon Smith +RickNadase Proctor Thoughts on Carpet padding? We upgraded the padding in the basement and family room (rooms we expect to use the most) and left the standard padding in the dinning room, study and entire upstairs. Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts on it? Is there a difference?


  1. Hi Justin, great choices! The red fleck granite skips my memory in this moment; however, I love love the color! Nice choice!

    As for the carpet padding, we went with the 10lb padding for the entire upstairs and basement. We don't have carpet on the main floor.

    Interestingly enough, the 10 lb padding gives the illusion that the standard carpet is a better grade. I was pleasantly surprised with the combination. It feels very soft and comfortable!

    The carpet upstairs is Level E. I think we were really paying for the tweed pattern because it isn't very soft; however, it is a beautiful carpet.

    The tweed pattern doesn't lend for the same feel as the standard carpet with 10 lb padding. I had to pull a piece of the carpet up to be sure that they installed the 10 lb padding.

    IMHO, the upgraded padding is an excellent choice with the standard carpet.

    I would upgrade padding before I upgraded carpet. I would never upgrade the carpet with standard padding.

    What padding did you upgrade too?

    1. btw-I invited some friends to get your blog moving with comments.

    2. Thanks for inviting friends!

      We upgraded to 8lb padding in the basement and family room. We also upgraded to a level 1 (they used numbers, 1 was the next level up from standard) carpet for the basement and family room. The rest of the house is standard carpet with standard padding (we got hardwood in the hall, foyer and Kitchen on the first floor).

      Our thought process was not to invest a lot in carpet now (two little kids and two dogs) as we will probably want to do something different or more in the future when the kids are a little older. However, my biggest concern is feeling nail pops or anything through the standard carpet and padding.

    3. You are right! I wouldn't want to invest in upgraded carpet with the little people and pets, too. You did well with your choices. I think you will appreciate upgrading your padding to the 8 lb.

      Our sales representative at CTI gave us a nice break down of the different levels of padding and carpet in a chart format which made it very easy to chose the choice of carpet, padding and price according to zone for our model. This was a life saver!!

  2. Found your blog by following/lurking around other Ryan Homes bloggers. We visited a Milan in Stafford, VA an loved how the kitchen looked into the family room area. It also had a morning room, and made the kitchen area feel so open.

    We also selected same hardwood that they had in the Rome model in Fairwood (we chose to stick with level A instead of the wider level B like the Rome had). Its so much darker in person than the samples they have on that board with all the color choices. I think we're doing the same cabinets and were trying to decide between tan brown and ubatuba. We ultimately went with tan brown in our bathroom and ubatuba for the kitchen. We were also on the fence about the padding upstairs. I argued that it wasn't needed, but the flooring rep convinced my wife otherwise. I may revisit the decision with her over the weekend (I'm trying to push for hardwood in our greatroom). Look forward to following your build once you get underway!

  3. Awesome. Are you building in VA or MD?

    We have convinced ourselves not to get the upgraded padding for now. Mostly because we have a feeling that these carpets won't last very long, no matter what, with two kids under 3 and two dogs. We may pay more for the next carpets.

    We also didn't get the wider level hardwood flooring. Where exactly in the process are you guys? We are waiting for loan approval before they will talk about a construction date. Also, I assume you guys aren't blogging? If you are, let me know the link to your site!

    1. We're still on the fence about the pad. I spoke with my wife about it and mentioned I would rather put that money towards something that might affect appraisal (like hardwood in the great room). We still haven't heard back about loan approval, but we've asked the LO and SR for an update last week. The LO hasn't heard anything back yet from the underwriter and the SR said the only comments on are file are all positive. I hate how we're going through the process of selecting things for the house, yet it could all fall through in the end. We were working with another lender when we started our home search, and have a firm pre-approval that would cover the sale price. He did a hard pull of our credit and gave us a sale price to target assuming estimates for HOA, insurance, etc. The one good thing is our HOA is only $39/month, so its about $100 below his estimate. We don't have all the awesome trails and parks/playgrounds that Fairwood does. Our friends who own an NV townhome there were telling us about the present and planned community features. Feel free to follow our blog ( We hit our 30-day mark next Wednesday with a estimated date of May 30 to break ground.

    2. Hey,

      Did you guys make your Blog Private? It won't let me view it anymore. It says that you have to be invited now to view your blog.

  4. Our flooring rep advised us that the baseline carpet would not last two years with pets and kids. We upgraded to level 1 carpet throughout and upgraded the padding to 6 lb on the main two floors and 8 lb in the basement. Within three months of living here, the main traffic areas were showing wear. After nine months, I can't even get the pile up in those areas with my Kirby. I have already had one carpet rep out to look at it and he said that since crushing is not in the warranty, there's probably nothing they will do. The manager will now be coming out to look. In hindsight, I wish we would have spent the money to fully upgrade the padding and not the carpet with plans to rip it out and replace it right away or just pay for the carpet upgrade through Ryan. I feel like the money we spent on our level one upgrade was a waste for the high traffic areas. We don't wear shoes in the house and we are small people. I vacuum regularly, but it doesn't matter. Just some food for thought.

    1. Hmmm...Great info Rachel. I guess my concern is that if we pay more money for the upgraded carpet that it too, would not survive our two kids and two dogs!

      Guess we will keep thinking it over. We have two more days to decide.

      I am really hoping that our loan approval comes through has been 4 weeks! Our Loan Officer told us it would take a while because they are backed up, but I am getting anxious here!